Money Savers

Everyone loves to find a great deal and today’s brides are money savvy and looking for the best at a fraction of the cost!

The average wedding in St. Louis costs ranges from almost $18,000 to $30,000.  This is relatively low compared to other major cities but still out of the price range for many couples.  Whether this is your first wedding and you are on a budget or you have been married before and are looking for something simple but memorable, DIY is a great way to cut wedding costs.

Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers

 What better way to save thousands of dollars than by growing your own flowers!  Growing your own flowers takes planning and you may have to make an initial cost in a shrub that is already large, particularly if you want hydrangeas for your summer wedding.  Definitely do some research, and remember that St. Louis weather can change on a dime and bloom times for delicate flowers can be altered.  You will be needing flowers for the ceremony, bouquets, flower girl, reception, centerpieces, etc.  A visit to the Missouri Botanical Gardens or your local nursery can give you all the tools you need to grow your own flowers and shed around $3,000 from your wedding costs.

Wedding Invitations – and other Paper Necessities

You can expect around $300 just for the wedding invitations and reply cards alone, not to mention the programs, dinner menus, thank you cards, etc.  You can DIY most of these items by heading to your nearest Michael’s or local paper shop and getting some supplies.  By layering card stock of different sizes and your wedding colors, you can create invitations.  Get out your water colors and you can create a great menu for your guests.  Even some simple lace, a starfish, and glue can be stunning for your invites!


Hair and Makeup

This could actually lead to some fun times with your favorite girls.  Have a party and invite your girls and a stylist who can teach you all some tricks and tips to perfect wedding hair and makeup.  Also, tap into that teenage girl who spent hours reading style magazines and practicing favorite hair and makeup ideas.  Doing your own hair and makeup will save you at least $200.  To achieve the looks above  with DIY tutorials check out

Wedding Jewelry

From your own wedding jewelry to your bridesmaids and parents, wedding jewelry can cost hundreds of dollars.  You may think DIY jewelry will look too crafty, but with the right beads, jewels, and chains, you can create some stunning jewelry of your own that everyone will remember.  Take a look at this Pinterest site for great ideas: All Free Jewelry Making.

With just these four DIY project ideas you can shave close to $5000 off your wedding costs!

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