St. Louis Wedding FAQs and Disclosures

  • All ads and vendor listings are paid by our sponsors.  Therefore, any blogs or articles that mention them are considered “material connections,” (sometimes payments or free products) between the advertisers and SLWI (St. Louis Wedding Insider)
  • If we like soemthing, we are going to share it with you, whether we are paid or not.  Often, after we mention that a company and/or their goods is a favorite, the advertiser contacts us and would then like to advertise.
  • If and when an advertiser/non-advertiser alerts us to something (from service, event, or a product) and we are not familiar; we will present this information to you as information and not first-hand knowledge.
  • We recommend thorough research with any SLWI and/or any other hiring or purchase decision.  You definitely want to ask around, interview, and really review their portfolio for the vendor’s quality and service.  SLWI is simply a beginning point for you, as you begin your research and plans for your wedding.
  • Sheri, Stacey, and guest bloggers, will share new finds, new venues, neat services, and products, from our advertisers and non-advertisers.  If it would be of interest to someone planning a St. Louis and Metro area wedding, we are going to share it with you.  What we share may or may not be right for you, but it is up to you to research thoroughly and ask around before hiring any vendor.
  • Some events pay to be listed, and others do not.  It is up to our discretion.
  • We will NEVER knowingly endorse, promote, or introduce ANY vendor or product of inferior quality.
  • All of our paid sponsors and vendors are required to sign a contract that states they will be removed from SLWI after 3 valid, written bride complaints.  If you have a bad experience, please contact the Better Business Bureau.  If your situation is not resolved, please contact us in writing, and we will share it with our paid sponsor and vendor; and include it in their file.  After 3 verified compaints, we will remove the vendor from our website.  Why do we require 3 complaints?  SLWI wants to be fair.  One poor experience could be an isolated issue…i.e. miscommunication, style, preference, etc.  After 3 valid complaints, we realize that the goods or services to be poor consistently.
  • SLWI may host events/shows for engaged couples.  We may, at our discretion, invite advertisers (and sometimes non-advertisers) to participate to they can showcase their products and services to you.  The St. Louis Wedding Insider is not a bridal show (where you can taste and touch firsthand).  This is a great way for you to experience a vendor’s goods/services for free.  For example, our event may be planned by a SLWI event planner to showcase their services.  The event would then be photographed by a SLWI photographer to show you his/her services.  The event might be catered by a SLWI caterer to showcase his/her services.  The list is endless.
  • When we attend bridal shows, we often receive free admission, so that we can find great wedding services and goodies for you.  We will always thank the group that sponsored the show; as well as the venue the show was located.  This is such a fabulous experience to be held for both the brides/grooms, as well as the vendors.  The groups that hold these events work hard and should be commended at providing both the St. Louis Couples, as well as the vendors, with the best “Show” experience possible.
  • When you sign up to receive the SLWI newsletter, your contact information is not provided to a third-party.
  • We may sometimes mention books/wedding tools that we like and direct readers to a site (like Amazon Affiliate or others).  If you purchase the book/service/item, we receive an affiliate commission.
  • We will NEVER say we love something when we don’t!
  • In RARE posts, we may include Google Adsense Ads which display something Google may think you like.  If you click, we receive a few cents.

 If you have any questions or comments, contact us!  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!  This website is to allow you, our St. Louis Brides and Grooms to view the best St. Louis has to offer.  It is the ultimate resource for all information related to weddings.  As we continue to grow, we look forward to introducing to you the latest trends; as well as introduce to you some of the best St. Louis Wedding Professionals in the industry!  It’s our “Labor of Love” and we hope the SLWI assists you in planning your wedding!

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