Family Style Dinner?

Family-style dinner is a growing  wedding reception trend,  and creates the feeling of an old fashioned family get together  for you and your guests.   This is a great  option for you to choose for your special day, and there are things you should be prepared for as well.

Why Choose a Family Style Dinner for my Wedding Reception?


One of the main perks of a family-style dinner at your wedding reception is that you and your guests interact with each other at the table and have a relaxed, comfortable, intimate feeling of sharing food amongst friends.  Also, there is an option for taking only what you want, or going for seconds since the platters are left on the table.  This style of dinner makes it easier to accommodate different diet restrictions without singling out certain guests, as well.

In order to make room for the large platters and passing of food, be prepared to modify or do away with having  large centerpieces on each table.  Many couples have opted to use votive candles, flower cups, or baskets of bread and fruit.  Choosing just the right  items for your wedding dinner will require planning as well.  Items have to be family friendly, for instance, flaky fish and large platters with sauces can be messy and hard to pass around.


What are the Costs of a Family Style Wedding?

This is a great alternative to a more formal sit down, yet it is still comparable to a sit down, in the fact that  everything is still served to your guests instead of them having to get their dinner from a buffet.  The look of your food can be very beautiful and creatively decorated on platters, and large bowls.  It really is a great wedding dinner to consider.

The costs of a family style wedding dinner compared to a sit down, should be somewhat less,  however, it is all relative to the items you choose.  For instance, it will add to your cost  if you choose some fancy hors d’oeuvres to have on your guests table prior to the family style meal.  It will also obviously cost more if you choose more expensive items such as prime rib, or seafood.

So if you are all about family and friends, and want that to be the theme of your wedding celebration, then a family style wedding dinner would be a great choice for you!











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