Outdoor Weddings! Wedding Gazebo Decorating Ideas!

Though it is Winter in St. Louis,  many brides will soon want to have an outdoor wedding, and a properly decorated gazebo can be both beautiful and romantic.

Decorating Ideas for your Wedding Gazebo

Flowers can be a big part of your gazebo decorations.  You will love this pink dreamy wedding look.  Beautiful flowers with varying shades of pink along with an airy white organza make this wedding gazebo look magical.

If you are planning an evening wedding, then try adding  some lights for a romantic look to your wedding gazebo.  You can still add flowers and fabric along with the lights for a softer, stunning look.






Are you having a beach wedding?   You will love this beach gazebo.   A thatched roof gazebo with fabric and floral accents make this gazebo irresistible.  Don’t forget the rose petals!






Try this simple blue floral gazebo.  Just simple blue fabric with floral touches.   Adorned with many, many flowers in the background.






Another simple wedding gazebo idea would be this red cloth with many beautiful red flowers.  See how striking this looks on the grass with the beautiful beach as a background.

Don’t be afraid to decorate your wedding gazebo yourself.  It can be very simple fabric swags with floral touches.  You can also have your florist put your flowers arrangements together so you can simply hang them on your wedding gazebo.  Use your favorite colors.  It will be beautiful.



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